The Home Buying People,LLC

Who we are

We are The Home Buying People.

We're a group of real estate investors based on the beautiful Northshore of Massachusetts,with new branches in Nebraska and South Carolina.We're currently looking to purchase property in your area NOW!

                                                                  ---FAST,FOR CASH!

                                                                  --ANY CONDITION AND AREA!

                                       ---WITH NO REALTOR COMMISSIONS OR CLOSING COSTS TO YOU!

We can help almost anyone!

We’ll assess your INDIVIDUAL needs and CUSTOM-tailor a solution for you.  We won’t give you some generic assembly line solution that might work for somebody else.  We’ll custom fit a solution for you that makes sense and is sensitive to your needs.  To do that, though, we need your cooperation and honest information.

What’s YOUR Situation?

  • Foreclosure? – You aren’t alone.  Millions of people are in the same boat, desperate for answers.
  • Job Loss? – The economy is growing cold and jobs are disappearing.
  • Relocation? – If you need to move quickly, whether to be closer to family, for a new job or job transfer, etc.,  you need quick solutions, not somebody who wants to play phone tag or take an early lunch.
  • Divorce? – Divorce can be painful, marked by shattered dreams, dashed hopes, and uncertainty about the future.  We can’t put your life back together.  What we can do is buy your home and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are now free to get on with your life, without the worry and anxiety about where the money for the payment will come from.
  • High Property Taxes? – Property taxes are skyrocketing as local taxing bodies look for new ways to generate funds.
  • Interest rate re-set? – Millions are facing payments they can no longer afford as rates re-set on variable rate mortgages.
  • Death in the family? – A death in the family can create, not only emotional distress, but sometimes also a large financial burden, especially when it results in a loss of income.  If death has touched your family, you need time to recover and find your bearings.
  • Tired of being a landlord? – Bad tenants, broken toilets and vacant properties can be a huge headache.
  • Too many repairs? - Are your home improvement costs getting out of control?Damage to house too expensive to fix?Are you ready to stop wasting time,energy,and your hard earned money?  
  •                                                                                                            If any of these situations (or others) apply to you, we can help.

Plus, we’ll handle all the details and the paperwork. 

Selling your house is a time of change, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful time.

We’ll take the worry, the stress, and the complexity out of the process.

Regardless of the age or condition of your home, we can buy it fast!

Tendencies of distressed property

Here are just a few facts on distressed property-especially vacant and abandoned:

*Distressed properties bring down surrounding property value.

*It usually becomes a site of crime be it vandalism,property theft,squatting etc.

*Brings down overall standards of living in area.

*Robs residents of that sense of pride in there communities.

Not to mention the stress and burden that the property owner must live with day in and day out.

What are the costs?


Nothing.  We don’t charge you any nonsense fees or real estate commissions.

We are different from real estate agents… we’re not looking to “list” your house.  We have buyers lined up and ready and to buy a house from us.  These aren’t tire kickers or window shoppers.  We’re talking about people who want and need to buy… quickly!

We’re a network of like-minded private investors with the resources and the dedication to solve your problems… TODAY!

We understand the value of a dollar, and how hard you work for your money.  As a result, we WON’T stick you with nonsense fees or real estate commissions.

We get paid by our buyer when we sell the house to them.

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